Guests are responsible for ensuring that the accommodation is left in the same condition as it was in upon check-in.

Guests shall be liable for any damages caused by his or her own acts and omissions (including and without limitation, failure to timely vacate the accommodation) and also for the acts and omissions of any individuals that the guest invites or otherwise allows into the accommodation.  In the case you do indeed damage something within or on the property, CityStaze, LLC will send you an estimate based on the cost of the damages.  If desired you can fix, pay, or provide an estimate for any other licensed contractor.  Once an agreement is made, you (the guest) will be liable for any costs associated with said damage.

Release & Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement

IN CONSIDERATION for being permitted to enter premises and property for vacation rental or any other purpose, the undersigned, for himself/herself, his/her personal representatives, guests, children, heirs, and next of kin, acknowledges, agrees, and represents that he/she has or will immediately upon entering, and will continuously thereafter, thoroughly inspect such areas and his/her continued presence constitutes an acknowledgment that he/she has inspected listing and he/she finds and accepts such areas as being safe and reasonably suited for the purposes of his/her use, and he/she further agrees and warrants that if, at any time, he/she feels anything to be unsafe, he/she and all guests will immediately leave the area and advise appropriate persons. THE UNDERSIGNED hereby RELEASES, WAIVES, DISCHARGES AND COVENANTS NOT TO CityStaze,LLC as company or corporate representatives, their members, managers, operators, officials, officers, directors, employees, owners and lessees of the premises, all for the purposes herein referred to as “releasees”, from all liability to the undersigned, guests, representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin for any and all loss or damage, and any claim or demand thereof on account of INJURY to the person(s) or property or resulting in DEATH of the undersigned or guests, whether caused by negligence of the releasees or otherwise while in or upon the area. THE UNDERSIGNED hereby AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS the releasees and each of them from any loss, liability, damage, or cost they may occur due to their presence in or upon the area and whether caused by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise.