1 Bedrooms


1 Bathrooms


4 Guests

We present to you The House of Mirrors and Mosaics!
This is the previous home of the great Isiah Zagar, an award-winning mosaic mural artist whose work can be found on more than 200 public walls throughout the city of Philadelphia and around the world.

Most notably, creator of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (PMG). An immersive mixed media art environment that is completely covered with mosaics, handmade tiles, bottles, bicycle wheels, mirror, and more!


The space itself is a work of art – literally. From inside to outside it is covered with different styles of artwork

It is a 2 story building that you will have 1st Floor and Second Floor (Bedroom/Bathroom Only).

You will enter the stairs pictured to the (1st floor) which has a huge sectional couch, monster size bean bag, zen den, floating chair, 55 inch TV, Disco ball, LED lighting, and plants from wall to wall! Here you will also find the kitchen with a custom pine built bar next to a relaxing dining room table that overlooks the amazing and unique artwork of Isiah Zagar. Washer and Dryer also found in a room connected to the kitchen

The 2nd Floor

You have access to the master bedroom as pictured, and the bathroom (located directly ahead in the hall at the top of the steps).

Blocked off you will see the sleeping quarters for our main listing for this property. That area is NOT permitted when booking this listing.

*Any additional bed used will be $50 additional dollars, along with additional cleaning fees*

Use the below listing for larger group stays
House Of Mirrors

We wanted to make a place that compliments the work of the Zagar’s which is inspired purely on good vibes and respect. Please respect the property as if it were your own!




We are available nearly around the clock via Airbnb messenger, also the property manager lives on below but you would only see him if suspicious activity is reported. We strive to make your stay as smooth as possible so we will provide you with all info needed leading up to your stay to make it seamless for you!

Getting Around

This space is in the heart of the action for South Street!

South Street always buzzes with activity, whether on a Tuesday afternoon or a Friday night. Ethnically diverse restaurants, bars that keep the party going long after dessert and galleries and performance spaces help make South Street remain a vibrant and essential city destination.

Business people saunter down the block from nearby Washington Square West and Society Hill to mingle with their more Bohemian counterparts for lunch, visitors flock to the area to savor their first Philly cheesesteak at Jim’s, or a classic slice at Lorenzo’s, and residents shop for groceries, check out a show, or find a Mexican-influenced piece of art from the Eye’s Gallery.

Mirroring this diverse mix of fun-to-watch pedestrians, a wonderfully eclectic lineup of businesses that includes over 300 shops and more than 60 eateries, cafes and bars caters to the crowd. Most stores are independently owned and have similarly minded signage.

The area’s restaurants reflect the various ethnic flavors of several nearby neighborhoods, and several performance venues feature fringe theater and live music.

Over the past decade, the development of South Street’s east side has spread west of Broad Street, but the traditional definition of the district (depending on who you ask) spans up to 14 blocks: Front Street up to Broad Street.

Things to Check Out

  • Over 200 Mosaics and Murals in the District, many done by the owners of this house!
  • Philly Magic Gardens
  • Jim’s Steaks
  • Pontiac Grill
  • 3rd Street Gallery
  • Theater of Living Arts (TLA)
  • South Street Magic Theater
  • Society Hill
  • Rita’s Water Ice
  • Lorenzo’s pizza
  • Tattooed Mom
  • Fat Tuesday
  • Ishkabibble’s
  • Nocturnal Skate Shop
  • Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoos
  • Repo Records
  • Love Vape

Terms & Rules

Check In

After 4:00 PM

Check Out

11:00 AM


House Rules:


– Please follow all house rules, if you have any questions please message us first we are easy to work with and will try to work with you as best as we can.

– A violation of the house rules or tampering with security devices can lead to the immediate removal of any and all guests/occupants without a refund.

– No parties or events (we are mandated to shutdown any party that may occur)

– No drugs or illicit behavior

– No smoking tobacco products in the home, please do not disrespect the neighbors by smoking out front. Use the backyard/deck when available or walk down the street if there is no other option.

– No excessive noise or loud music after 11pm (weekdays) Midnight (weekends).

– No overnight visitors not listed on your reservation, breaking this rule can lead to the immediate removal of any and all guests/occupants without a refund.

– No moving of furniture around within the household or outside

– Only flush the toilet paper provided (no feminine product or anything that may clog the pipes).

– Keep the home clean and tidy, report any damages or missing items to your host

– Please return property as to how you found it. If no attempt to clean up after yourself is made you may be subject to additional cleaning fees.

– Comply with all city and building by laws

– Must get permission for late checkout prior to arrival

– Pets are sometimes welcomed depending on the case. If approved there is a $50 fee per pet, per stay. (I.e. If you have two dogs and stay for a week it would be a total of $100.)

– Keep the quiet hours between 11pm and 9am

– $100 fee for smoking

– $100 fee for violation of house rules

– $500 fee for security removing any or all guest/occupants

– $100 fee for excessive noise (over 75 DB)

– $100 fee for missing/lost/taken/house keys as we will have to change the locks (Please return keys in the lockbox where you found them)

– $50/person fee for the people in the unit that is not on the reservation and for each person in the unit past the number of guests booked

– $30/hr fee for unauthorized late check out every hour past your check out time

– If you order any movies/events on PPV you must order them on your own account or we must charge you for them. You are held responsible for anything rented on the cable bill during your stay.

– If a guest is not following rules therefore causes a cancellation or refund from the following guest, the guest is responsible for these potential fees or cancelled booking.

– Exterior building security camera areas are always on. No security cameras inside. The home security system monitors sound levels and is always on.

We want you to have fun but this is not the listing if you are looking to throw a party of any sort. This listing is in a quiet friendly neighborhood that also offers plenty of nightlife activities within minutes, Thanks!

Please leave the house as how you found it, thank you for the courtesy.

There are no age restrictions for arrival